Nynke: Feels like shooting some pics with my bestie

feels like shooting some pics with my bestie

Waardering: 5 uit 5.

When you say Daphne, you say creativity and enthusiasm! So far I have done two fantasy shoots with Daphne and I know there’s gonna be more!

To shoot with Daphne is fun and cosy. Together we look at what we both would want to do and how we see the end result, and if something’s not possible due to circumstances or a none compliant horse? No worry’s, Daphne has tons of fun ideas that she just seems to shake out of her sleeve somehow. Sometimes you have this image in your mind that you would love to get, but your horse just doesn’t have his day? Big surprise when you get your photos and it turns out Daphne somehow managed to nail that shot that you gave up on!

Daphne is quick to contact and answer all your questions and I got my photos way sooner then I expected. Al in all it feels like shooting some pics with my bestie rather then shooting with a hired photographer. 🙂

– Nynke Veenstra