Wonderful Watercolor

• Are the walls of your stables in need of a little flair?
• Do you have a wonderful office space but does it lack that personal touch?
• Would you like your furry friend to have it’s own wall art in your home, but a regular enlargement just doesn’t do it for you?

If the answer is yes to one (or all) of these questions then my Wonderful Watercolor paintings are just the thing for you!


Tis is Piter. Piter is Friesian x Lipizzaner and with not even 4 years of age he’s already magnificently impressive. This shoot was his first time away from the stables and he was such a good boy! Curious about all around him, but balanced in his actions. A very promising stallion and it was a honor to create this Wonderful Watercolor for his owner.


We always know that dreadful day will come… Having to say goodbye to our best friend is the hardest thing. Great Dane Ilan passed away and his owner only had a bunch of phone pics of him. But she wanted something worthy of his memory to go on the wall in their living room. I pored all my love in creating this Wonderful Watercolor. ♡

Nomi & Fabiola

Nomi and her Shetty-friend Fabiola are so adorable together! Nomi wanted a poster of Fabiola on her bedroom wall and let me tell you; it was such a joy to create this Wonderful Watercolor for her.


Doodles is a the cutest everyone’s friend. Like a pro he struck a pose for me and from that photo I created this Wonderful Watercolor as a surprise for his owner. All it needs is a frame and an eyecatcher is born!

Looking for the perfect eyecatcher? Wonderful Watercolor goes with any interior and looks awesome in every room, office space or stable wall. Want to know what your investment is? Check my pricing page. Not sure if your photo is suitable? Message me. In most cases I can immediately asses whether your photo is a go. If not, I can help you make the perfect photo.